Pulsar - Nude Pink & White

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  • Vegan
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Get the best of comfort and style with Barebarics Pulsar barefoot sneakers. Elegant looks with a simple dual coloured design will beautifully match most of your casual wardrobe. Spacious toe-box gives plenty of space for your toes to wiggle and give you that fantastic barefoot feeling all day long.

Materials used

Sustainable and vegan materials with perfect colour stability, breathability and tear resistance were used in the production.

  • The outer part of the shoe is made from microfibre and polyester. They are also produced using processes that minimize the impact on the environment.
  • The lining of the shoe is made from Dermodry Coolmax® technical fabric, which enables constant moisture drainage. This type of lining speeds up the process of moisture–drainage and sweat absorption, thanks to which the skin of the foot remains dry. Dermodry Coolmax® is a soft, light and breathable material that is used in prestigious footwear models and undergoes the most demanding tests of technical quality performed in independent laboratories.
  • The sole is made from soft synthetic rubber with high wear-and-tear resistance.
  • The insole consists of a cork layer, that allows excellent sweat drainage, and breathable polyurethane foam, thanks to which you will feel perfectly comfortable throughout the day.
Barefoot properties
  • Anatomic shape – The sneaker respects the shape of the feet. It creates roomy space for toes during movement, it prevents toes from being pressed or developing calluses
  • Material flexibility – The flexible sole enables necessary movement. The feet are not restricted and strengthen naturally
  • Zero-drop – The heel and front of the shoe are levelled. Thanks to this, the body posture and overall correction of the centre of gravity are improved
  • Adaptive sole – 4 mm thick (without protrusions) stimulates nerve endings. It strengthens balance, and awareness of terrain and it protects the feet
  • Lightweight – The Barberics sneakers are lightweight and with no arch, which prevents leg fatigue and supports the correct walking stereotype
More info

Walking footwear

  • Modern city design
  • Designed and hand-crafted in the EU, made from local and sustainable materials
  • Great durability and long-lasting colours
  • Dermodry Coolmax® technology for continuous moisture drainage
  • Available in sizes 36-47 (according to European measurements)
Customer Reviews
Verified customer
Kseniia Leo

I LOVE my nude Pulsars. Look is very important to me, and they are so stylish and fresh. Many people didn't not believe me they are actually barefoot! It was my first ever barefoot pair and is still my favourite. The degree of freedom for the toes is insane. Do not think twice, grab it.

Verified customer

A shoe that looks cute and actually fits my EE width feet? I am SO excited! I have really wide toe splay and these actually accommodate my feet... I'm pleasantly shocked. My only feedback is that they are high-volume, and I have low-volume feet so plan to keep the insole in or add a thicker one if you're like me.

I have the be lenka icon in a 37 and it fits without socks otherwise my pinky toe get's pinched off. In comparison, the barebarics 37 gives a bit more room and no pinching for me. Love this model

Verified customer

elegant and stylish. super comfy as well!

Verified customer

Initially, I did not believe the whole barefoot thing and I ordered these sneakers anyway because I just could resist the cutness of these shoes, and now they are the comfiest pair in my wardrobe.

Verified customer
Markéta Bottová

Boty jsou fakt moc pěkné, ale na barefoot mi přijdou takové tuhé a po pár dnech nošení se mi udělaly příšerné puchýře na patách (což bych od barefoot bot úplně nečekala). Ve stejné době jsem si koupila barefoot botky od Merrellu a ty jsou teda opravdu měkounké, to se s těmito nedá srovnat.

Verified customer

Moje prvé barefoot topánky a musím povedať, že ich milujem. Sú krásne a fakt pohodlné. Ani som nevedela aké sú svaly na chodidle, kým som do nich po prvých dňoch nechytila svalovku :D Takže odporúčam začať zľahka, ale vydržať - oplatí sa to :) Teraz asi budem musieť rozšíriť "kolekciu" lebo iné sa mi už nosiť nechce :D

Verified customer

Najpohodlnejsie boty ake som kedy mal na nohach, najradsej by som snimi aj spal.

Verified customer
Łucja Bryś

Size 38 is huge (foot length is 24,2 cm). I'm even not sure if 37 will be ok for me, but next order will not come because of transport costs of return. 6 months ago I could return and exchange it free of charge, but now everything is changed. Buying shoes online is always a risk and sizes are always different and I think that possibility of free of charge return or exchange should be a normamal rule. Shoes are incredible and have a beautiful look

Verified customer

Super tolle, leichte und mega weiche Schuhe. Die Qualität und Verarbeitung ist auf den ersten Blick top.
Ich mag sie gar nicht mehr ausziehen.

Verified customer

Ein ganz süßer Schuh, der sowohl optisch, als auch von der Verarbeitung überzeugt. Als erfahrene Trägerin minimalistische Schuhe punkten die Schuhe auf ganzer Linie... ausreichend Platz für die Zehen

Verified customer

Hübsch , hübsch, hübsch, hübsch!
Ein sehr hübscher ?, leichter, gut verarbeiteteter Schuh? in toller Farbe!
Ein absoluter Tipp für Barfußschuhe!

Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics - Pulsar - Nude Pink & White | Barebarics Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics - Pulsar - Nude Pink & White | Barebarics
Unique barefoot shoes

Stylish urban looks with all the benefits of barefoot footwear.

Barebarics are different

Fearlessly. Stylish. Innately Urban. Irresistible Next-Gen barefoot sneakers.

Axiom, Pulsar, ...?

Each model is different, but all are ready for you to hit the city streets by donning them.

Foot-shaped spacious toe-box

No more uncomfortable & painful squished toes.


Lightweight construction prevents foot fatigue even after all-day use.

Zero drop

Flat from heel to toe for stability and for strengthening the foot muscles.

Flexible sole

It guarantees that the foot moves and flexes naturally, as it should.

Outsole thickness

Just 4 mm thick sole for foot nerve ending stimulation and ground feel.

Made for your comfort

They might not have the slimmest looks, but every Barebarics sneaker is inherently barefoot footwear.

Removable insole

You can adjust the barefoot feel to your preference.

Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics - Pulsar - Nude Pink & White