By Be Lenka

Compromising health and comfort for style is a thing of the past. Barebarics sneakers break all the norms and combine the benefits of natural walking with urban style. All models are inherently foot-shaped but, at the same time, embody contemporary modern urban style.

Barebarics sneakers are brought to you by Be Lenka, one of the best barefoot footwear brands worldwide. While Be Lenka brings minimalist barefoot shoes for children, women and men, Barebarics offers a bold urban style which highlights your personality. Both brands are characterised by their research and development of barefoot footwear based on the legacy of Central European shoemaking.

Made with premium ecologically sustainable materials, all eight models of the Barebarics pilot edition have a 100% vegan composition.

On the outside, they resemble conventional sneakers, but on the inside, they remain true barefoot footwear with spacious toe space, zero drop and a flexible sole and lightweight construction.

Be enchanted by their stunning looks and fall in love with their blissful barefoot comfort. Next-gen barefoot sneakers are here, and there is surely no going back once you try them.